Backyard Bible Clubs

What are Backyard Bible Clubs?

Backyard Bible Clubs (BYBC) are a unique summer ministry for young children. During one week each summer, teams of specially-trained high school students join together to lead daily Bible Clubs in yards across our city. Young children throughout each neighborhood are invited to come enjoy games, stories, a snack, and learn truth about God.

When are Backyard Bible Clubs? Summer 2017


How Can I Help?

Backyard Bible Clubs are truly a whole-church effort! There are three different ways in which you can serve: by hosting a club, cooking a meal, or driving a team.

  • Host a Club
    Hosts make their backyard (or front yard) available and are responsible for inviting children from their neighborhood to attend the club. They provide water and a small snack for the children each day, and they interact with any parents that decide to wait for their kids while they are at the club.
  • Cook a Meal
    We will have 25 hungry teenagers and volunteers between the clubs! Team up with some friends and provide a lunch or dinner for the BYBC team.
  • Drive a Team
    Our youth will need to get from one club to the next. Volunteer for a whole day, be a part-time chauffeur, or volunteer your mini-van.

Click the link below to sign up to serve on The City!