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To request a login invitation to The City, you can either use a City kiosk at the church, or use the form at the bottom of this page to request an invitation.

What is "The City"?

The City is an online tool that serves as the main form of communication for our church. This tool allows people to share prayer requests, events, discussion topics, pictures, etc. The City also functions as our online member directory.

On The City, users set up basic profiles and communicate with one another through groups. Once you've set up an account on The City you can choose which groups to join (your weekly small group may have a group, for example) and you can then set how content from that group is delivered to you.

With the pace of modern life, and the amount of families we have moving in and out of our area, we needed a way to help the people of Grace get connected and stay connected more quickly. We believe that sharing life in community is an important part of following Jesus. We hope The City will be a way for us to live life together and stay in touch during the week!

How do I use The City?

More important than which buttons to click, we want to encourage everyone at Grace to look for ways to use The City to honor God and to serve each other. It can be easy to focus mainly on what The City can do for you; but let's remember to be humble, and consider others as better than ourselves (Phil. 2:3).

With that in mind, you'll still need to know which buttons to clic. Here's a quick video to show you the basics:

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