Covenant Groups

Covenant Groups are men-only or women-only groups of two or three people, and are intended to create a space to cultivate deep spiritual friendships. These groups will focus on scripture, prayer and accountability. They are meant to be a safe place for believers to be challenged and cared for while being transparent with one another. Anyone can start a Covenant Group.

Each group should focus on four important aspects of the Christian life:

  1. Text: Staying in God’s Word.
  2. Theology: Processing God’s word together.
  3. Life: Caring for and exploring each other’s hearts.
  4. Mission: Praying for and seeking to reach the lost.

A Sample One Hour Covenant Group Meeting:

  1. Opening prayer
  2. Text: Scripture reading from the past week is discussed. Read a selection together.
  3. Theology: New insights from the scriptures are considered. “What does this passage teach us about God?” “What does it teach us about each other?” (See the Resources section at the end of this document for more in-depth questions.)
  4. Life: Scripture is applied to our current life struggles and questions. “How should my life be different in light of these truths?”
  5. Accountability to be on Mission: Strategic prayer requests mentioned and prayed for.
  6. Closing Prayer

For more detailed information, including resources, FAQs, Bible reading methods, accountability questions, etc., download the following document:

Covenant Group Resource

Questions? Contact Pastor Stephen Watson at