About Jesus

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Jesus is different. 

We live in a world swirling with diverse heroes and ideas. Some of us bounce from one hope to the next, while others stand cynically on the sideline pretending we are too smart to hope. We’re faced with a tangled chaos of different roads, all promising to end at the same paradise. Will we pursue truth systematically? Will we weigh every option and make ourselves the final arbiter? It seems dangerous to take the role of judge when we are also part of what’s wrong with the world.

Jesus proves that God is both absolutely holy and shockingly merciful. God is both utterly transcendent and surprisingly immanent. Only Jesus makes sense of a world that is full of glory and beauty, and simultaneously full of evil and pain. The cross of Christ is the center of the story we live in. It is a signal that the brokenness will not go on forever.

We all know there is something glorious and broken about the world. We also know there is something glorious yet broken about our own souls. All human beings have failed to love each other as we should, to live justly in society as we should, and to honor our Creator as we should. The Biblical term is that we have “fallen short of the glory of God”. The promise of Jesus is that God himself became one of us to take our place. In an epic story of rescue, Jesus dies in our place. He absorbs all the chaos and death we have created by our selfishness. He freely offers us the peace of his glorious life of love and justice. By faith, all broken people can be assured that Jesus takes our shame and gives us the delight of our Heavenly Father. (Romans 3:23-26).

Some say that Jesus was just a good teacher or one more historic radical. We believe he was much more. Will you dare to take him at his own words? The traditional Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John are the most ancient, documented, and reliable manuscripts about Jesus. We invite you to start reading for yourself.