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The Word “Pastor” means “Shepherd”. The New Testament is clear that Jesus Christ is the Chief Shepherd of his people -- and the only Good Shepherd. Christ also gives “under-shepherds” to the church to feed and equip Christ-followers in Him. These leaders are variously described in 1 Peter 5:1-51 Timothy 3:1-7,  and Titus 1:5-9 as elders, shepherds, and overseers (bishops).

Our Elder Board

The Constitution of Grace Bible Church designates that a team of shepherd/pastors referred to as the “Elder Board” leads the church. We have a paid “Senior Pastor” who serves as a member of the Elder Board with 4 volunteer shepherds. The Elder Board holds final organizational authority at the church.

Senior Pastor
Chairman of the Elder Board
Elder, Leader of Prayer Ministry
Jim and Diane Wilson
Elder, Assistant Pastor for Operations

Our Church Staff

Many other leaders at Grace Bible Church assist the Elder Board in serving and shepherding the church. These other leaders serve variously as assistant pastors, administrators, nursery volunteers, teachers, small group leaders, and deacons. No matter what their area of service is, they all have the goal of knowing Christ and making Him known. We hope to train up as many of our members as possible to be servant leaders in their own areas of influence. While we do believe in official leadership -- we also believe that every follower of Christ is called to use their gifts and resources in ways that show God’s love and justice to the world.

Assistant Pastor of Groups and Discipleship
Chris and Brooke Webster
Assistant Pastor of Worship and Communication
Assistant Pastor of Youth
Financial Secretary
Julia Gendreau
Ministry Assistant
Children's Ministry Director
Nursery & Childcare Director