We believe that all Christians are members of the Body of Christ and members of one another. As such, we share a common purpose based on common beliefs . Any believer who attends Grace Bible Church on a regular basis is considered a part of the Grace Bible Church family, a member of Grace Bible Church.


When we talk about membership, it is our goal to faithfully represent locally what Scripture says is true of Christ's His church universally.

Membership is not legalistic. It does not convey any special privileges or stature to a believer. It is an acknowledgment that Jesus exhorts us to carry out the "one anothers" of Scripture.

Membership is not exclusive. We do not base our fellowship or scope of ministry based on a written roll. Scripture does recognize that we are called out from the world, separated unto Jesus to live holy lives.

Membership is a positive affirmation of the unique relationship we have with fellow believers that God gives us when we become His children. It is recognition that the Church, His Body, is not a loose collection of individual Christians, but an assembly of mutually dependent brothers and sisters in Christ designed to display His character to the world by our mutual love for one another, submission to one another, and service with one another.

It is our expectation that members of the Grace Bible Church family would:

  1. Have as their highest goal to glorify God in everything that they think or do;
  2. Apply all of their heart, soul, and mind to knowing God and making Him known;
  3. Engage regularly in personal Bible reading and prayer, establishing family devotions when possible;
  4. Be honest and faithful in all endeavors, exemplary in conduct, denying ungodliness and worldly lusts;
  5. Bring up such children, as may be entrusted to our care, in the nurture and admonition of the Lord;
  6. Walk together in Christian love, exercise Christian care, concern and watchfulness over one another; be thoughtful, considerate,slow to take offense, and quick to forgive and seek forgiveness;
  7. Endeavor to provide for the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of one another;
  8. Hold one another accountable to the mandates of Scripture and exercise discipline in accordance to the Word of God;
  9. Assist in the work of the church and aid in the establishment of the church as a witness to the saving grace of God through Jesus Christ;
  10. Persevere ‐ by example, by word, and by prayer ‐ in fulfilling the mission of Grace Bible Church;
  11. Contribute to the financial support of Grace Bible Church and its undertakings;
  12. Submit to the leadership of the elders;
  13. To carry out the work of the ministry in such a way as to include but not be limited to fellow Grace Bible Church members.

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