Nursery & Childcare
(6 Wks to Pre-K)

Welcome to the Nursery Ministry of Grace Bible Church! Our ministry encompasses five classrooms:

  • Infants & Crawlers,
  • Ones,
  • Twos,
  • Threes,
  • and Fours/Pre-K.  

Philosophy & Mission

It is our philosophy that our nursery is more than simply a babysitting service. God has given us a ministry to children and to their parents. The nursery is vital to the to the overall mission of our church, which is to multiply followers of Jesus Christ. We seek to serve one another and to join together as a church family to serve one another and raise our children in a safe, Christ-centered environment.

It is our mission to provide:

  1. Trained and prepared workers who maintain high standards and clear goals,
  2. A clean, safe and peaceful environment for all children we serve,
  3. Happy parents and visitors who use our nursery facilities, and
  4. Smooth, simple, and orderly procedures for teaching our children in the ways of God.


Our nursery functions purely on the willingness of our wonderful volunteers to serve as the body of Christ. If you have decided to make Grace Bible Church your church home, we ask that each family commit to serving at least once a month in one of our classrooms. This helps ease the burden of those serving and ensures that everyone is able to attend worship gatherings and enjoy the fellowship of others. If you have any questions, please email Janelle Bannister, our Nursery & Childcare Director at

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Leader / Contact Info

Janelle Bannister

Nursery & Childcare Director