A whole-church summer ministry for young children.

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What are IMPACT Bible Clubs?

IMPACT is a unique summer ministry for young children. During one week each summer, teams of specially-trained teens join together to lead daily Bible clubs in parks and yards across our city. Young children throughout each neighborhood are invited to come enjoy games, stories, a snack, and learn about God.

2020 Changes

Every aspect of the church has experienced changes in the past months due to the pandemic, and Impact is no exception. Due to COVID-19 we are having to alter the format of one of our favorite ministries, but are committed to making it happen.

This year our youth students will host virtual bible clubs for children all across our city to join. These clubs will be held July 20th-23rd, and our youth leaders will be gathering at the church to host these online clubs. Along with this, we will be having short day camp meetings the week prior (July 13th-16th) to ensure our students are prepared. We would love for you and your children to be involved in this ministry, and will be observing social distancing guidelines for all in-person training and events at the church.

If you have any questions please email Kevin ([email protected])! If you are new to our church family and want to hear about what a typical year of Impact looks like, just read on!

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