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Our ministry exists to honor the Word of God by encouraging and equipping women in a biblical view of womanhood and living out transformational truths of Scripture.​

Who We Are

Our hearts’ desire is to encourage and equip women in our relationship with Jesus Christ by learning to think biblically and allowing Scripture to transform our daily lives at home, work and in the community.

How We Grow

We recognize that encouragement and equipping occurs not only through personal prayer and Bible study but also in the midst of relationships with other women. At the GBC Women’s Ministry, we have three primary venues to connect with other women: Outreach & Encouragement Ministries, Small Group Ministries, and Mentoring Ministries.

  • Outreach & Encouragement Ministries:
    Invite a friend, make a friend, be a friend!
  • Small Group Ministries:
    For Women, by Women. A safe place to nurture your relationship with Jesus Christ and other women through Bible study, prayer and fellowship.
  • Mentoring Ministries:
    Woman-to-woman relationships to equip, encourage and enrich women’s lives spiritually and personally and growing deeper in relationship with God.

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Ministry Contact

Cathy Arauco

Women’s Ministry Director