Gather with us to read, pray, sing, and serve.

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What to Expect

Simple Yet Sacred

Our Sunday gatherings are pretty simple. They’re the work of teams of real people like you who want to grow together.

We’ll sing songs to God. We’ll pray. We’ll learn from the Bible. We’ll share communion. We’ll have a little box by the door for financial gifts.

We do this each week because it is the collision of our lives with the Life of God and the lives of other Jesus followers that has the power to give our lives lasting purpose.

Honest Yet Excellent

We like to laugh, but we also believe in reverence. We sing new songs and ancient ones. We dress casually, but we try to do things with excellence. Our preacher studies ahead of time and our musicians practice.

These public worship services are planned but we give people opportunities to share spontaneously and pray for each other in smaller groups that meet in homes.